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If you’d like to check out my logbook, this is where to start. To make down loads quicker I’ve saved my log-book as 12 separate pages. The log is sorted by the first letter of the callsign of the station worked. Click above to view the appropriate file, then you can search it as desired.


This logbook is as recorded during my operation. It isn’t up for negotiation. Please don’t post a comment saying your QSO is missing!!

You’d be surprised the number of times I asked a station to standby, or to wait their turn, or simply to confirm their callsign. But they’d just say “please QSL, 73’s Old Man” and promptly dissapear, without checking that the QSO was completed.

These ops are known as Alligators; just like the animal, they have big mouths but tiny ears. Next time you’re chasing some rare DX, try listening!

Sorry, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If you ain’t in this log, then you ain’t worked me and you ain’t getting a QSL.


Please note my QSL manager has now sent out cards for ALL my QSO’s. All correct QSL’s received direct with return postage before 1st Dec 1998 were replied direct. All other ‘unclaimed’ QSL’s were sent out via the buro early 1999. Your card is on it’s way!

Thanks, & 73’s de Paddy O’Reilly

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