Unknown QSL Routes

I’m aware from assorted evidence that the following may have operated from the Seychelles, but I do not have their QSL information.

Can you help??? If so, please contact me via the comments section.



Call Name Date
S7EC Gus 1984
S73DX 1991-92
S73PZ 1994-1995
S78AAA Ken 1990
S79ADT Dave 1990
S79AT March
S79BMC 2000
S79BSP May
S79DC July
S79HWH 1985
S79KAB 1981
S79LB 1987
S79MW Nov
S79MJG Kurt 1985
S79PZ Andy 1985
S79SV Aug
S79TE Oct
S79TY April

2 Responses to Unknown QSL Routes

  1. jim w6nrj says:

    I worked S7EC in 1982 17 IX but do not have a QSL route? Do you now? Tnx. Jim W6NRJ

  2. s79mad says:

    Sorry Jim, all the information I have is posted on the site.

    I have no details for S7EC – in fact Gus is listed here on my unknown routes

    73s Paddy ex S79MAD

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